Endo Air Hoists

Ensure that your workplace has the best equipment and cranes possible thanks to the professionals at HES Cranes. By specialising in supplying, installing, and maintaining cranes and hoists our team are the ones you want to help you improve your workplace while also reducing the hazards in your working environment.

Well-suited for installation in a variety of industrial locations the air hoists we supply are produced by some of the most renowned international manufacturers on the market today. Boasting a cutting-edge design that has been streamlined to improve efficiency, safety, and reliability, our selection of Endo air hoists can quickly and smoothly hoist heavy loads with confidence and without exposing the operator or site workers to increased risk.

The compressed air operation makes these hoists suitable for chemical plants and other environments where hazardous materials may be handled. They are compact and lightweight in design, with the option of pressure sensitive push button operation. Easily adjust between low and high speeds for effortless loading, unloading, and transport. Choose a wire rope air hoist for a lightweight design with a good load capacity, or opt for the chain type air hoist which will display excellent toughness and wear resistance whilst handling increased loads.

Efficiently powered by compressed air, the air hoist is a perfect hoist alternative for operators who require a hoist in high-ignition areas, and moves with precision and speed to increase the effectiveness of workplace operations.


HES Cranes Delivers Superior Endo Air Hoists in Melbourne

At HES Cranes we strive to provide our customers with only the products that will improve their working environments. Excelling in loading and unloading materials and able to be installed in a small and large environments thanks to their compact design Endo Air Hoists will soon be an integral and essential component of your workplace.

To find out more about the many benefits of Endo Air Hoists call us today on 03 9480 0855.