Overhead Cranes

Thanks to our passion and in-depth knowledge of all things industrial and overhead cranes, the dedicated team at HES Cranes can assist our customers in and around Melbourne select the right crane for their specific needs and industry requirements. Renowned for their ability to safety and accurately move extremely heavy loads across the span of a warehouse or factory overhead and gantry cranes can streamline the production and assembly operations conducted by companies. For years the crane experts at HES Cranes have assisted businesses across multiple industries choose and install the right overhead cranes in Melbourne, based on size, height requirements, and weight limitations.

At HES Cranes we not only supply our customers with access to overhead cranes constructed by renowned manufacturers, but we aim to provide a comprehensive and reliable selection of support solutions. Our skilled and professional team also offer all of our customers with unmatched and prompt overhead crane installation services. Combined with our reputable and reliable 24/7 repair and maintenance programs Melbourne business owners can trust the team at HES Cranes for all their industrial and overhead crane needs.

Overhead Crane Manufacturers

HES Cranes are known for our high-quality equipment, which is why we’re the best overhead crane manufacturers in the area. Our customers know that when they choose one of our overhead cranes, they have equipment that they can rely on for years to come and that will help make their business more efficient.

We’re also the first choice for businesses looking for overhead bridge crane manufacturers. Our expertise and experience across the industry means no one can provide better crane services than HES Cranes, so when you’re looking for an overhead crane manufacturer, come to us and find out how we can help you.

Overhead Crane Training

To ensure your equipment is being used correctly and safely, we provide overhead crane training for all cranes we provide. This equipment is specifically constructed to be operated from a fixed location the overhead cranes supplied by HES Cranes deliver a smooth and even transferral of secured loads over an adaptable distance depending on the length in the warehouse or the environment that it is being installed in.

Fabricated from durable steels and constructed for maximum stability and safety the overhead cranes available from HES Cranes can greatly improve the performance and output of businesses throughout the city when combined with our overhead crane training.

For more information about our exceptional services or to discover the benefits of our cranes contact us today.

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