Portable Gantry Cranes

Portable Gantry CraneAre you in need of a portable gantry crane in Melbourne that can be repositioned based on your needs and requirements? Then HES Cranes is the answer. Reaching capacities of up to 3 tonnes, our range of portable gantry cranes offer a low-cost alternative to an overhead crane. Thanks to our durable and high-quality portable gantry cranes Melbourne manufacturers and business owners can improve the standard of their operations.

Ensuring you have the right equipment for lifting heavy and bulky items is important to make sure the risk of accident and injury is reduced, which is why our portable gantry cranes are a great choice, as they can be moved to where you need them at any time.

Our portable gantry crane options include:

  • Generally supplied in either mild steel, stainless steel or aluminium
  • Can be static, moveable or folding to suit your needs
  • Supplied with varying beam lengths from 2m to 8m
  • Wall mounted brackets available allowing one end of beam to be bolted to the wall
  • Under carriages are available for folding/static models, allowing them to be wheeled into position when not under load
  • Load trolley supplied with all gantry cranes
  • Conversion trolley can be supplied for static/folding models, which increases cranes maximum capacity to 3 tonnes.

Gantry Cranes

At HES Cranes our passionate and dedicated team understand the importance of delivering a superior product. All the gantry cranes supplied by our company have been strenuously tested in a variety of industrial environments for safety and lift capacity.

Enquire today with our team of crane experts to learn more about our range of portable gantry cranes in Melbourne. We will help you find the best crane for your situation, improving efficiency and reducing the risk of injury.

Contact our bridge crane specialists today to enquire about our wide range of cranes and equipment or call our 24-hour Breakdown Service on (03) 9480 7599.


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