Rigging Gear & Height Safety Equipment

HES Cranes supplies a broad range of high quality height safety equipment and rigging gear; from slings (wire rope, chain or synthetic), chain blocks, lever blocks, trolleys, winches, shackles and other lifting attachments – you name it and we can supply it! At HES Cranes we understand the importance of applying comprehensive and focused height safety practices. Our knowledge and passion allows us to help our customers maintain height safety compliance. 

Our range of rigging gear and height safety equipment includes:

Chain Blocks – Ranging in capacities from 125kg to 50 tonnes, we have all your lifting needs covered with both our HES range as well as the Kito M-series range, suitable for mining applications. We work with you to find the optimal solution to your lifting requirements.

Lever Blocks – Ranging in capacities from 750kg to 6 tonne, we supply a range of lever blocks, available to buy off the shelf.

Wire Rope Slings – Our premium wire rope slings are manufactured on site at our Preston facility, where they are produced to your specifications using our own swaging machine and test bed. From a thimble to a soft eye, we can custom manufacture a wire rope sling to meet your exact requirements.

Chain Slings – Using only the highest quality products we also supply a vast range of made to order chain slings to suit your required configuration and specifications. We also supply a range of Stainless Steel Chain Slings which are ideal for either the food industry in wash down areas or in other applications where corrosion is a concern.

Synthetic Slings – These range from 500kg slings up to a 200 tonne round sling. We have an extensive array of synthetic slings in stock, with varying lengths and lifting capacities.

Our sling inspection service offers convenient online record keeping, with your history of inspection records available at the touch of a finger at any time. Ask us how.

Shackles – Grade S rated Bow or Dee Shackles are available, both in normal or safety varieties.

Winches – Our qualified team will assist you with any winching enquiry you may have. We supply a wide range of winch types for either hoisting or hauling purposes, for use across industries including commercial marine, mining and construction, towing and recovery and other general purpose uses.

We can help you with a large range of winch types, including:

  • Hand winches
  • Electric winches
  • Pneumatic winches
  • Hydraulic winches


Height Safety Equipment

We also supply a large range of top quality height safety equipment. We have partnered with Honeywell/Miller who have been delivering solutions to Australian business, industry and consumers since 1962. HES Cranes in conjunction with Honeywell/Miller Height Safety Products bring you a range of Australian designed and manufactured height safety products.

HES Cranes & Honeywell/Miller are able to provide solutions for all your height safety requirements, with access to the following range of products:

  • Miller/Sperian fall arrest blocks
  • Full-body harness body wear
  • Lanyards
  • Rescue winches
  • Davit arms
  • Static lines
  • Connecting devices
  • Anchorage connectors
  • Ladder climbing systems
  • Confined space & rescue devices
  • Professional fall prevention & protection training
  • Engineered solutions


For more information about how our range of height safety equipment solutions are perfect for businesses across Melbourne our customers and clients can contact us today. At HES Cranes our professional and focused approach allows us to improve the quality and safety of workplaces in Melbourne and beyond.

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