Vacuum Lifting


HES Cranes manufacture and supply a complete range of high quality vacuum lifters. The versatility of vacuum lifters means they can be used for handling products across a variety industries and for many applications – and all without back-breaking effort! Selected by our team for their safety and ability to improve the capabilities of daily operations our vacuum lifters are perfect for customers across Melbourne. 

Sheet Lifter & Tube Lifter in Melbourne

There are two main types of vacuum lifters:

  • Tube Lifters –Tube lifters are used for handling porous products. They use a low vacuum level at high volume to grip the products and complete the lift effortlessly. Our range of tube lifters can be customised in a variety of ways, and are generally used for lifting:
    • Bags and sacks
    • Boxes
    • Wooden boards and more 
  • SheetSheet Lifters – Our sheet lifters are well-suited for locations across Melbourne and are renowned for their innovative composition and ability to expertly handle a number of specialised products. These are used for handling non-porous products, including:
    • Glass
    • Sheet metal
    • Composite products
    • Sheet rubber
    • Aluminium sheeting
    • Wall panelling
    • Even natural or re-manufactured stone

We can also assist with more specialised solutions, designing customised lifting equipment to suit even the most irregular of lifting requirements.

To find out more about our superior vacuum lifers, such as the sheet and tube lifter varieties, Melbourne business owners and warehouse operators can speak to a member of the HES Cranes team today. Talk to us to ask how we can optimise a solution to fit your requirements.

Enquire today and ask how we can optimise a solution to fit your requirements.

Bag, Box and Sack Lifter

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